January 2015 Update


Happy New Year, everyone! Just wanted to post a little something to let you all know that I hadn’t forgotten about the Taylors. My computer up and died on me last September, and I wasn’t able to play anything for four months. It derailed this, as well as my GW2 rp, and kept me from playing Inquisition for over a month after it came out. But! I finally have a new laptop and am reacquainting myself with all my games, getting back into the swing of things, so I thought I’d post up a few teaser pictures of the family’s current generation in-game and the new content, with a promise that I’ll be back to posting chapters and the last of the memoirs soon!

01-19-15_11-30 PM01-19-15_11-40 PM01-19-15_11-55 PM01-19-15_11-58 PM01-22-15_5-19 PM01-22-15_5-22 PM