Memoirs of Generations 1 – 17

Generation 18: Brittney Broke

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2

Chapter 3, Part 1 || Chapter 3, Part 2

Chapter 4 || Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Generation 19: Mira Cooper-Delven

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2

Chapter 3 || Chapter 4

Chapter 5 || Chapter 6

Chapter 7 || Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Generation 20: Emily Panos

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2

Chapter 3 || Chapter 4

Chapter 5 || Chapter 6

Chapter 7 || Chapter 8

Chapter 9 || Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Generation 21: Ameline Panos

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2

Chapter 3 || Chapter 4

Chapter 5, Part 1 || Chapter 5, Part 2

Chapter 6 || Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Generation 22: Taytum Evelyn Day

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2


Don’t stop now! The story continues here…


22 thoughts on “Archives

  1. Wow. Awesome! How can you go till the 19th generation??

    But; I didn’t read it or something :$ Now, I will. Where can I find all the chapters? From generation 1, till the latest chapter??

    I didn’t know this site, before now…


    (sorry, my English is not very good, I’m from the Netherlands 😀 )

    • Check out the Memoirs tab of the site. 🙂 I didn’t start really blogging until the 18th generation, but I’m in the process of writing up memoirs for all the generations prior to that. Generations 1-6 are currently posted, and I’m working on the rest. ^_^

      And I’m really glad that you liked it. 😀 I started the first generation in June of 2009, and I’ve just played that family consistently since then. 🙂 I don’t ever get bored of them.

  2. hi, Lynnia, here’s Kitty again! :3
    I have a few questions I’d like to ask you, but before I start clogging your neat blog with them, is there any way I can contact you?
    if you don’t feel like giving out your e-mail address, feel free to send me one

  3. When are you going to have a new chapter up? I am enjoying reading your legacy and have gone back to the very first chapter to read. I am halfway through the second generation and have loved what I have read so far.

    • xD I’m HOPING to have another chapter up tonight, but it might end up being tomorrow. I’ve been completely swamped between classes and applying to get into the credential program at my school. Sorry that it’s been so long! I’m glad that you like the legacy. 🙂 I’ll get the next chapter up as soon as possible. It’s already written; I just need to finish up the pictures. There’s going to be a somewhat different twist, and I’m interested to see what you all think of it. 😉

    • Thanks ^^ All you have to do to make this is just create a new Page (not post) and type up everything you want to have on it just like you would do for a normal post. To create the links to the individual chapters, just manually go to the chapters, copy the url for them, and create a hyperlink on the text on your archives page to the desired chapter.

      An alternative to that way that I did before I knew how to make an archive page like this is to create a new Page, just like above, and just type [archive] in the text area, brackets and all. That will automatically create an archive in order from most recent to least recent.

  4. Hey! I was wondering if you had twitter?
    If yes, u can follow me @xcin100x
    Can u please follow me, I ALWAYS follow back ❤ (:
    PS I added a new chapter to my blog that reveals the next heir, and I added an exclusive chapter with detailed pics of the gernation 5 home!
    Can you please comment on it? Thanks! (:

    • Lol, as I explained on the page for Chapter 3, I accidentally clicked post instead of save draft. x_x The chapter is, like, halfway done, but I spent all day today and half of yesterday at the hospital because my father broke his foot and had to have surgery. 😐 If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. I swear I’ll get the chapter out one of these days. >_<

      • Thanks very much ❤ The surgery went better than expected and he came home yesterday. 🙂 He'll still be on bed rest for the next 3 months though.

  5. i love the taylors!! i started reading them a while ago, and i’m not exactly caught up with them but i really enjoyed what i’ve read thus far. i just recently started my own legacy (only 2 chapters are up), and i’d be honored to have you take a look and comment.

    • Of course I’ll take a look at it! :)Thank you much for the comment. It’s always nice seeing more faces around here.

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