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331 Descendants and still going!

Welcome to the Red Dirt Road, home of the Taylor Family Legacy!

The official feedback forums thread can be found here.

Twenty-eight generations ago, I created the Taylor family in the Sims 3. Mom and Dad (Thomas and Debra Taylor), their three girls (Valorie, Shannon, and Kristine), and Kristine’s husband (Bradley Gaudinier). I separated the family, moving Mom and Dad, as elders, to a little one bedroom house of their own and moving Shannon and Valorie to share a two bedroom house a few blocks away. Kristine and Bradley started their lives in a two bedroom starter home in Sunset Valley, and thus began my legacy.

Now with the Sims 4 out, I’ve recreated generation 22 heiress River Aspen Hudson (née Day) with her family as our founder in the new age of the legacy. Our Sims 3 heiress and River’s little sister, Taytum Evelyn Day-Eastwood, will continue on in the Sims 3, but her story and those of her descendants will go unwritten.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How did you keep your family going for so many generations?
Despite more problems with my game in TS3 than I can ever count, between moving neighborhoods, backing up my saves, and ensuring I had copies of my legacy heirs saved to my library, my family endured, against all of TS3’s numerous attempts to destroy them. As for how I haven’t gotten bored and have stuck with them this long, what can I say? I just enjoy playing out my legacy and seeing just how long it can go.

Q: Do you follow Pinstar’s Legacy Rules?
I follow a modified version of it myself, without any of the point calculations. In TS2, I played a Strictly Traditional Patriarchy (the founder and all succeeding heirs must be male, unless no male is born that generation, and able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder), and I reached the 6th generation in the legacy household with 154 direct descendants (playing every spare of the family, some of which reached the 8th generation, in addition to playing the legacy household). In TS3, I played a Strictly Traditional Matriarchy (the founder and all succeeding heiresses must be female, unless no female is born that generation, and able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder), and I reached the 23rd generation in the legacy household with 305 direct descendants before moving to the Sims 4. In TS4, I’ll be remaining strictly traditional, in that there must be an unbroken bloodline, but I’ll be giving my sims equality among their children that anyone, boys or girls, can become heir or heiress. Beyond that and not using any money cheats, I don’t really have any hard rules for my legacy family.

Q: How do you choose the the traits for your sims’ children?
During my TS3 legacy, I used my own system for randomizing inherited traits, but with the reduced number of total traits each sim has now and the different way they’re dispersed across the age stages, my way isn’t quite so usable anymore. I’m now using Pinstar’s Legacy Trait Generator for TS4, located here, which does essentially the same thing, just much more efficiently (Thanks, Pinstar!).

Q: What lifetime length and aging do you play with?
Normal lifetime length and aging only on for my active household. I was perfectly happy to return to Sims 2 style aging, and in fact, it was a welcome change for me. If I choose to play any of my spares, I’ll actually get to play them now rather than story progression having its way with them. As for lifetime length, I played on Long for a while when I first started in TS4, but it just drags on, leaves far too much time to accomplish everything. I prefer the steady progression that comes with Normal and the crunched amount of time to complete goals, but the stages still feel unbalanced to me. Here’s hoping that they eventually allow us to personally alter the length of each stage of life as they did in TS3.

Q: Your legacy has gone on for so long! Are there stories for the previous generations I can read?
Yes! For generations 1-17, look under the Memoirs tab; 16 & 17 are incomplete due to me discontinuing the blog in 2013, but the rest are there, and those missing two may be filled in sometime in the future. For generations 18-22, see the Archives tab.

Q: Why is it called the Taylor family legacy when none of them have the last name Taylor?
The original founders, both in the Sims 2 and the Sims 3, bore the surname Taylor. However, as I have my female heiresses take their husband’s last name when they get married, the original surname disappeared early in the generations. Given that it’s always been known as the Taylor Family Legacy since the beginning, though, I’ve kept the name, more for posterity and tradition than anything else. As for the title, “Red Dirt Road”, it’s an old Brooks and Dunn song that’s rather applicable to the trials and lessons families experience throughout the course of a legacy, and just because I’m on a kick for songs that remind me of my legacy family, here’s another one for you.

Q: What kind of computer do you have and what settings do you run your game at?
My computer is an ASUS ROG G750JZ laptop purchased in December of 2014. It has eight Intel processors (i7-4700HQ CPU @2.4GHz), 24 GB of RAM, four hard drives (two SSDs), and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M graphics card, running with Windows 8. My old computer that I’d run the Sims 3 and the Sims 4 on finally kicked the bucket just after TS4 came out, and thankfully, I had the funds to upgrade. My new computer is well above and beyond the requirements for TS4 and runs it beautifully at max settings.

Q: Are your houses/sims going to be available in the Gallery?
Possibly! Available upon request, I suppose. I don’t usually upload my creations without someone asking me to, but I do keep backups of most of my sims just in case, so I can pull any of them out anytime. The same goes for my legacy lot or any community venues I create or alter.

Q: Are you going to continue your TS3 side of the legacy even with TS4 out now?
With my old computer dying, and the fragility of my Sims 3 save as it was, any ability to retrieve data from that game has been lost and my Sims 3 side of the legacy with it. However! After compiling all the pictures and information I have about them, I’ve been able to recreate a handful of the surviving family members into the Sims 4. While the Sims 3 relatives carried over will no longer be the focus of any legacy chapters, they may turn up in cameos now and again, so keep an eye out!

About the Author

I’m a 26 year-old woman from Southern California. I work as an in-home care provider for children and am living with my parents again after having attended college in San Marcos. I’ve been simming since 2003, and in that time, I’ve owned every expansion and stuff pack that they’ve brought out for Sims 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as some of the console versions. I also enjoy reading, writing fiction, roleplaying, and playing other games—such as World of Warcraft; Guild Wars 2; Star Wars: the Old Republic; the Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect series; and others.



Winner of Golden Quill for Best of Genre: Legacy
   SILC — Summer 2011


13 thoughts on “Legacy Info

    • I have custom content from literally dozens of locations, but I’ll try to remember as much as I can.

      A lot of it comes from the store. I don’t see buying sets on the store as any different from buying stuff packs, so I’ve bought quite a bit there.

      As far as hairs go, a lot of it comes from http://www.peggyzone.com/ and http://www.rosesims2.net/ . What isn’t from there came from random links or piggybacked on sims off the exchange.

      For furniture, it’s mostly from sites that I had random links to and don’t remember, but most of my wall art came from http://simsartgallery.net/ , and I have a lot of cars and such from http://www.freshprincecreations.com/ .

    • I’ve never tried to register on Peggy’s site; you don’t have to register to download stuff. If you’re using Firefox or Google Chrome, her site often has trouble with any browser other than Internet Explorer.

  1. I see. I use Safari. The error “User not exists” shows up when I just click on “free downloads” or it just won’t load. I’ll try Internet Explorer though.

  2. Sorry to bother you so much, I’ve been playing Sims for years, but this is my first time trying CC. I got peggyzone to work on Firefox, but can you explain all this “mesh” stuff?

    • It’s no problem. 🙂 You had to worry about meshes in TS2, when you had to download the mesh+ the CC. With TS3, you just have to download the item and that’s it.

  3. So despite the files downloading, everything from either rosesims or peggyzone doesn’t work AND makes the files that had previously worked turn into bald hair. Lovely. Oh well, the downsides of having a mac.

    • Sorry to hear that. 😦 I’m really quite clueless when it comes to making anything work on a Mac; I haven’t owned one myself since about 2003.

    • i play on a mac and ive had that happen to me several times. usually one restart will do but sometimes you have to restart the game a few times. hope this helps 🙂

  4. I spent kind of a long time looking at the pictures of your family tree. I couldn’t find the bio though… I don’t understand the duplicates? Please reply back! Thanks.

    • When you click on a portrait on the family tree, there will be a side bar on the left side of the window that shows their name and gender, etc. There are other tabs on that window; one of them is labeled “Biographical”. Click that and you’ll see their birth/death locations, career, traits, and lifetime want. 🙂 Also, when it says that they’re a duplicate name on the tree, it means that they show up on that portion of the tree more than once. Click the person to see where else they’re connected to.

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