January 2015 Update


Happy New Year, everyone! Just wanted to post a little something to let you all know that I hadn’t forgotten about the Taylors. My computer up and died on me last September, and I wasn’t able to play anything for four months. It derailed this, as well as my GW2 rp, and kept me from playing Inquisition for over a month after it came out. But! I finally have a new laptop and am reacquainting myself with all my games, getting back into the swing of things, so I thought I’d post up a few teaser pictures of the family’s current generation in-game and the new content, with a promise that I’ll be back to posting chapters and the last of the memoirs soon!

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May Update and Forum Thread Info



Hi again from Taytum and the Eastwood family, everyone! Before I get your hopes up, no, I am not changing my mind and continuing the blog. The family has moved on past the point of the story, and I just don’t have the desire to catch the blog up and start writing chapters again. However, for those of you who don’t check the forum thread for this legacy (located here or through the link on the legacy info page), I do fairly regularly post updates on how the family is doing there as well as current pictures, especially now that I’ve done a completely fresh reinstall and have my game running flawlessly (*knock on wood*). I welcome you all to head over to the forums and post there, because I miss you guys, and I’d love to hear from any of you who are still around and following.

Also, for anyone who would like to play with me on Guild Wars 2, feel free to message Lynnelle (IvoryEcho.3096). I have an 80 Ranger on Tarnished Coast and a Mesmer in the 50s that I’m working on. I also am always looking for more people to play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer or Borderlands 2 co-op with, so add me on Origin or Steam, respectively, (IvoryEcho on both) and send me a message anytime!

A Little Update…


I just wanted to give you all an update and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 lately—as well as Borderlands 2, recently—and it’s kind of monopolized my time. I’ve also been feeling bored with Sims 3, mostly because of game crashes, bugs, and ridiculously long load times from how much content I have that I just can’t seem to trim down.

Games aside, my dad is also back in the hospital now—has been for a while—and the outlook isn’t good. He had to have his leg amputated, and now they’re saying that he also has cancer in his throat. As much as I don’t want to say this, and despite wanting to continue this story, I’m going to have to go ahead and officially say that I’m putting it on hold for now, possibly indefinitely. There’s just too many other things going on that require my time right now, and I can’t devote enough time to give this story the quality you all deserve.

Sorry everyone, and thank you for giving this legacy so much of your time and attention; you have no idea how much it means to me that it became so successful.

— Lynn

Theme Changes


After some recent changes by the owners of WordPress, I’ve had to change the layout of the blog theme. Basically, they arbitrarily decided to change all WordPress blog front pages to scroll infinitely through all posts ever created rather than a set amount of posts laid out by the blog’s creator. I’m not happy about it, and they don’t have any other themes that I particularly like. My only two options are (1) choose a new theme that has a footer and allows me to limit the front page once more or (2) revert to the original theme but change the front page from recent posts to a static home page. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do in the long run yet, but for now I’ve changed the blog to another theme so that everyone’s computer doesn’t blow up when trying to load the front page. Also, side note, I am in the process of packing to move right now, but I’ll make headway on the next chapter as soon as I am able.

Site is Under Construction!


Hi again, everyone! I’m sure that, after all this time, you guys thought I’d quit or fallen off the face of the planet or something; well, that isn’t the case. I had a serious case of being bored with the game, and it took a lot of effort just to get myself to write each chapter. It ceased being fun and became a chore. Now, after a much needed break, I’m back to usher in whole new generation of the Taylors. For those of you who are still sticking with me after all this time, expect a brand new chapter within the next two weeks. I’ll be getting on it as soon as I can finish cleaning out and updating the rest of the blog. See you guys soon! 🙂

Update: I’m a tad behind schedule, but I’m working on the new chapter and am aiming for it to be out shortly before Valentine’s Day.

Update: So sorry this took so long guys. ;_; I’ve had issues with my game crashing, real life getting in the way, other games coming out that stole my time…..blah, blah, blah. All that translates to that I haven’t finished it yet, but I haven’t forgot about you guys. I’m going to be moving out of my apartment in a couple months so things are hectic right now (when are they not?), but my intention is to bring the blog back with updates at least every three weeks, hopefully more, as soon as I can.

Update (April 27, 2012): I expect the first chapter of the next gen to be posted by the end of the weekend. The heiress’s portrait is already posted on the chapter archives page. Thanks for bearing with me, everyone! ^_^