Gen. 21 – Ameline: Chapter 8



Thinking back on my life… I have some regrets, but not many. Considering my youth, I find that fairly impressive. My teenage years were wrought with turmoil and heartbreak—seemingly unending misery—but as they say, it’s always darkest before the dawn, and my dawn came sooner than I’d have expected it to, in the most unexpected of forms.

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Gen. 21 – Ameline: Chapter 7


Why did all of this have to happen? Why did I have to tear to shreds everything that I had ever held dear to me in my life–everything I’d ever cared about. My life was tumbling to ruins around me and I was powerless to stop it; I’d made my bed and now I was just going to have to lie in it. What I would do if I could just turn back the clock one week’s time and change my own actions.

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Gen. 21 – Ameline: Chapter 6


As one might expect, preparing for Mom and Jake’s wedding was just the medicine the doctor ordered for our household; it even managed to drag Felicia out of her stupor. Mom had decided that she just wanted to hold a fairly small ceremony for close friends and family there in our backyard; since both her and Jake were established adults already, she didn’t want to make a big fuss out of the occasion. We were holding it on a Saturday morning, and Feli and I got up early with Mom to help her get ready.

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Gen. 21 – Ameline: Chapter 5, Part 1


“Mom,” I began. She looked up from her computer and made eye contact with me, letting me know she was listening as I took a deep breath and readied myself to propose my well-rehearsed request. “I know it’s important for Feli to be grounded and learn a lesson for what she did, but we both can see how down she’s been lately since Chris broke up with her, and I know you’re as worried about her–if not more so–than I am, so I was thinking…”

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