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FamilyTreeThe family tree is hosted on Family Echo online and can be accessed by following the link below. You can then click the individual portraits to see more of the family, much like the Sims 3 family tree, and select the Biographical tab in the left panel to read additional information about the selected sim. The link provided takes you directly to River Aspen, the founder of the legacy in the Sims 4, but if you follow the branches up, everyone that’s ever been a part of the family tree is there. I do keep it updated to my game progress, not to the chapters, so keep in mind that there may be spoilers when looking at it. Lastly, please do not attempt to make changes to my family tree; I’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating it and keeping it updated, and it would be extremely rude and offensive to me, as the creator, if someone were to come along and be purposely destructive to it.

Click here for the family tree

Sims 4 Legacy Family Tree in text (Line of Heirs):

Founding Generation (Generation 22):
Legacy Founder – River Aspen Day
Married – Andrew Hudson
Children – Lydell Hudson (step-son), Christopher Hudson

Generation 1 (Generation 23):
Heir – Christopher Hudson
Married – Zoe Patel
Children – Ethan Hudson, Henry Hudson

Generation 2 (Generation 24):
Heir – Ethan Hudson
Married – Melanie Collier
Children – John Hudson, Tyler Hudson, Anne Hudson

Generation 3 (Generation 25):
Heir – Anne Hudson
Married – Cyrus Pascual
Children – Rebekah Pascual, Hailey Pascual, Elena Pascual, Robyn Pascual

Generation 4 (Generation 26):
Heir – Rebekah Pascual
Married – Gavin Richards
Children – Aubrey Richards, Max Richards
Affair – Don Lothario
Children – Dayton Richards

Generation 5 (Generation 27)
Heir – Max Richards
Married – Krystina Cross
Children – Gregory Richards, Cameron Richards, Chase Richards

Generation 6 (Generation 28)
Heir – Chase Richards
Married – Bridget McDermott
Children – Gwen Richards, Beatrice Richards
Married – Jimmie Cottrell
Children – Evelyn Cottrell (step-daughter)

Generation 7 (Generation 29)
Heir – Gwen Richards
Married – Caleb Vatore
Children – Leila Vatore

Sims 3 Legacy Family Tree in text (Line of Heirs):

Generation 1:
Legacy Founder – Debra Salter
Married – Thomas Taylor
Children – Valorie Taylor, Shannon Taylor, Kristine Taylor

Generation 2:
Heir – Kristine Taylor
Married – Bradley Gaudinier
Children – Rachel Gaudinier

Generation 3:
Heir – Rachel Gaudinier
Married – Mortimer Goth
Children – Joshua Goth, Tyler Goth, Monty Goth, Allison Goth, Lindsey Goth, Jennifer Goth, Jessica Goth

Generation 4:
Heir – Allison Goth
Married – Darrick Finkel
Children – Lynna Finkel

Generation 5:
Heir – Lynna Finkel
Married – Fernando Langerak
Children – Matthew Langerak, James Langerak, Jacob Langerak, Aaron Langerak, Leia Marie Langerak

Generation 6:
Heir – Leia Marie Langerak
Married – Muhammad Mosher
Children – Kristina Mosher, Jason Mosher, Amanda Mosher

Generation 7:
Heir – Amanda Mosher
Married – Dedrick Keaton
Children – Jack Keaton, Michael Keaton, Brianna Keaton, Nicole Keaton, Victoria Keaton

Generation 8:
Heir – Brianna Keaton
Married – Taurus Mitchell
Children – Leah Mitchell, Janet Mitchell, Joyce Mitchell-Coronado

Generation 9:
Heir – Janet Mitchell
Married – Torrence Dubose
Children –  Kelly Dubose, William Dubose

Generation 10:
Heir – Kelly Dubose
Married – Clint Randall
Children – Jennifer Randall, Sara Randall

Generation 11:
Heir – Sara Randall
Married – Andrew Carson
Children – Lisa Carson-Sauer
Married – Rufus Sauer
Children – Anne Sauer, Brandon Sauer

Generation 12:
Heir – Anne Sauer
Married – Bob Newbie
Children – Kayla Newbie, Kelly Newbie, Jenna Newbie, Margaret Newbie, Madeline Newbie, Matilda Newbie

Generation 13:
Heir – Margaret Newbie
Married – Nathan Gallegos
Children – Jaime Gallegos, Leann Gallegos, Megan Gallegos

Generation 14:
Heir – Jaime Gallegos
Married – Salvatore Rutledge
Children – Latie Rutledge, Cassandra Rutledge, June Rutledge

Generation 15:
Heir – Latie Rutledge
Married – Connor Frio
Children – Autumn Frio

Generation 16:
Heir – Autumn Frio
Married – Laurent Durand
Children – Emma Durand, Sasha Durand, Rachael Durand

Generation 17:
Heir – Sasha Durand
Married – Trinity Broke
Children – Brittney Broke, Abigail Broke

Generation 18:
Heir – Brittney Broke
Married – Larry Cooper
Children – Mira Cooper-Delven
Married – Gustave Delven
Children – Matthew Delven

Generation 19:
Heir – Mira Cooper-Delven
Married – Brandon Panos
Children – James Panos, Gilbert Panos, William Panos, Emily Panos

Generation 20:
Heir – Emily Panos
Relationship – Butterscotch Pistachio
Children – Ameline Panos, Felicia Panos
Married – Jacob Nichols
Children – N/A

Generation 21:
Heir – Ameline Panos
Married – James Marcotte Day
Children – James Marcotte Day Jr., Ashton Alexander Day, Emerson Lee Day, Sienna Jessamine Day, River Aspen Day, Taytum Evelyn Day

Generation 22:
Heir – Taytum Evelyn Day
Married – Eric Eastwood
Children – Temperance Eastwood (adopted), Christian James Eastwood, Wyatt Matthew Eastwood


30 thoughts on “Family Tree

  1. Your family tree is awesome, WowLynnia! I got here via The Sims 3 site via the thread ‘who has got the best family tree comp’. It seems the comp has died out since, but you certainly have the most extensive and efficiently designed tree!

    I went to Image Shack, but access was denied, so I’m not sure how to download the program myself. However, I’ve bookmarked you’re site and will be looking forward to delving into the tale of your legacy!

  2. Thank you for the link, Wowlynnia. I’ve read the site and so, thank you for the update as well.

    It’s a little disappointing you won’t write anymore, but I appreciate the time it takes.
    I’m writing the Crumplebottom Chronicles at the moment (hence the interest in family trees even though I don’t need one yet) and it takes ages to get my webpages right. I miss outright playing quite a bit, but making a story is fun too.

    Chronicles is different from legacies, but I’ve added a link to your site in my blogroll if that’s all right. You can find it here:
    (Sorry, but I don’t no how to make this an active link.)

  3. Almost a year later, I’m now starting the blog back up, for the most part. Of course, eleven generations of the family have gone past since it was last updated, but it’s under construction now and will eventually be up and running again.

  4. I really like this! It’s the best legacy story I’ve read…I’m trying to start one myself and would love any tips. I’ve tried blogspot for it, but there isn’t much space to customize it. Is wordpress better? Thanks for any tips you can give me, and I can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks so much! I’ve never tried blogspot, but I know wordpress has a lot of options for customization. I’m not that savvy with web pages, but I’m slowly figuring it out.

      It took a lot of trial and error last year to get a flow for how I wanted to write my legacy blog posts, and everyone has their own way of doing it. 🙂 When you start yours, you should give me a link to it! I’d love to give you feedback.

    • Lol ^_^ I do get annoyed if I have more than three children in the house at one time, though. I don’t really like having more than five or six sims in a household at once, but I did have one generation with seven children. xD I love legacies. Both in TS2 and TS3, legacies are pretty much all I play.

  5. I have started a page some what like this one for all of the ones that are not in the legacy house. I will put all of the ones that are not the legacy family in a list by generation. I am not sture if I am going to add generation 3 pictures to the ones that are on the list, but will make sure that I have their traits and a bio about them.

  6. I’ve had a reader request I use family Echo.. after hours of painstakingly searching for pics and names I’ve finally put one together but I can’t work out how to get a link for it to post on my site.

    Any ideas?


    • xD Sorry that I didn’t reply earlier. I’ve been really, really sick lately. :s That’s why it’s been so long since I’ve gotten a chapter up. Glad you figured it out, though!

  7. I love your Legacy! I just started mine off, and I’ve finally got my website started. But I have a question: how did you make the banner thing that’s under your post on the sims board..?

    • Thank you! The banner is the same banner that’s on my website, just resized. 🙂 I used a combination of MS Paint and with screenshots from the game resized to make it, then uploaded it to to post it on the forums. Good luck with yours. 🙂

  8. Hi WOWLynnia, I’ve read your legacy on and off for ages! I’m now starting my own and had a quick question about Family Echo. I’ve used the tool to build my sims family but I don’t know how to make the link work in my wordpress blog, or how to make it read only, but I notice you’ve been able to do both? Would you mind telling me how?

    • Sure, no problem. 🙂 When you have your family echo page open, click on the family member you want to link to initially and under their portrait should be a button labeled, “Invite [name] to share family.” Click that, and at the bottom of the sidebar should be a box that gives you a link to use, but before taking that link, make sure you un-check the box that says, “Allow [name] to edit family.” After doing that, the link will refresh, then just copy and paste it to your blog page. ^_^

    • When you have your family echo page open, click on the family member you want to link to initially and under their portrait should be a button labeled, “Invite [name] to share family.” Click that, and at the bottom of the sidebar should be a box that gives you a link to use, but before taking that link, make sure you un-check the box that says, “Allow [name] to edit family.” After doing that, the link will refresh, then just copy and paste it to your blog page. 🙂

    • If you’re using the same website that I do, when you click on the name of the person on the tree, on the left column, there is a button labeled “Add photo for [name]”.

      To save, in the upper right-hand corner of the site, there is a “Save” button near the “My Account” button.

  9. This is the most in depth family tree I’ve ever seen on a legacy! Love it. I still am in awe at how much time this must have taken. I have read your entire legacy, but its been awhile, I need to reshresh on some of the later chapters 🙂

    • Thank you! I actually love keeping track of it and update it regularly as I’m playing. 🙂 I have a backup version in Excel that’s just to track the legacy descendants, as well.

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