It was final inspection day at the old family home before I sold it to the new owners. I was idly walking through the hallways and rooms, remembering time spent with my grandparents here, when it occurred to me that I hadn’t made sure that the attic was clear yet. I was sure that no one had been up there in ages–the last family members to live in this house full-time were my great-great grandparents–but I didn’t know if Grandma had ever stored anything up there, and I figured it merited checking out before I sold the place.

I climbed the dusty stairs, and they creaked under my feet with every step from years of lack of use. When I got to the top and flicked on the light, there were only a few objects stacked at the far end of the room: a chest, a few old boxes, a rickety chair, and a stack of books. Upon closer inspection, the boxes contained old keepsakes from generations past that I wouldn’t recall, but Mom might, and the books looked old–older than anything else I’d ever seen Grandma have, and they were the only things in the attic that looked like they had been disturbed somewhat recently.

I picked up the first book in the stack and saw that they were all heavy and leather-bound. I opened the cover and flicked through the first few pages to a title that read A Collection of Memoirs from the Matriarchs of the Taylor Family Line. Intrigued, I sat down on the dusty chair and began to read…

Generations 1 and 2: Debra Salter and Kristine Taylor

Generation 3: Rachel Gaudinier

Generation 4: Allison Goth

Generation 5: Lynna Finkel

Generation 6: Leia Marie Langerak

Generation 7: Amanda Mosher

Generation 8: Brianna Keaton

Generation 9: Janet Mitchell

Generation 10: Kelly Dubose

Generation 11: Sara Randall

Generation 12: Anne Sauer

Generations 13 and 14: Margaret Newbie and Jaime Gallegos

Generation 15: Latie Rutledge

Generation 16: Autumn Frio (not yet available)

Generation 17: Sasha Durand (not yet available)

Continue to Generation 18 in the Archives


10 thoughts on “Memoirs

  1. Maybe this is what I should do once I get further along. You actually have read one of my blogs and this is the second one that I have started. I have put the Patrick Family Legacy on hold so that I can work on this one. So please go and read it and let me know what you think. I have Generation 1 complete and currently working on getting the second generation up and going. I have the first child, but have not posted anything yet.

  2. Your legacy is charming! I’ve read the first few generations and am excited to read the rest! Your writing is truly beautiful. :] Wow, 21 generations!

  3. Hi Lynnia, I have been reading your wonderful legacy for ‘decades’ (lol) and decided to make my own(until the virus goes away lol) and i just wana know how did youmake your own banner and were did u put in the wordpress edit?

    • Hi nazzy,

      Making my own banner was pretty easy once I figured out how. I found a background picture I wanted to use online, cropped it to the right size for my layout, then used this program ( to put it together with the screenshots from in-game, re-sized, and the text.

      You can put the banner you’ve made into your blog by going to Dashboard>Appearance(left-hand menu)>Header, and just upload the file. 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Your writing is quite detailed and expressive! I look forward to reading through your stories. Keep up the good work- congrats on 21 generations! I am thoroughly impressed 🙂


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